How to Remove the Watermark from a TikTok for Reels

As of February 2021, Instagram has announced that they will not push out Reels that have a watermark on them. The competition between Instagram and TikTok may be heating up, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to reuse your videos.

So Instagram doesn't want you to reuse your TikToks for their Reels. Luckily, that doesn't mean you can't. As a Content Creator myself, I know how much effort and work goes into every video. It can take hours to make a video, so there's no way I am doubling that amount just to make Instagram happy (sorry, not sorry!).

So what's the easiest way to get a video you already made on TikTok without a watermark?

There are actually a few different ways you can do this.

1. You can screen record your video BEFORE you post it to TikTok. Before you post it, you can preview it, and screen record that preview. I like this way the best, but you have to remember to do it, which I remember about half the time.

Screen Record Your TikTok Before You Publish on your iPhone or Android device
Screen Record Your TikTok Before You Publish

2. If you forget to screen record, or your phone cannot do it, you still have options. From the published video on TikTok, you can save it as a Live Photo. Exit the TikTok app and go to your Photos where the Live Photo would be saved. Hit the Share button, scroll down, and press Save as Video. You now have a TikTok video without the annoying watermark that bounces around. However, you still have a small watermark in the lower right corner. You now have 2 options to get rid of this small watermark.

You can crop the video, and remove the bottom part of the video that has the watermark.

Edit your photo to crop out the bottom part of the video, which will take out the small watermark
Crop Out The Small Watermark

OR you can download an app that will "remove" the watermark for you, such as the app Video Eraser. I say "remove" in quotes because it is not perfect. I tested a few apps and they all did the same thing. It makes the video where the watermark was blurry, essentially removing it. This is my least favorite option, but it will work in a pinch.

Use an app to blur out the TikTok watermark in the bottom right corner
Using An App Will Blur Out The Watermark

You now have multiple, easy ways to remove the watermark from your downloaded TikTok so you can repurpose your content and post on Instagram Reels! What way do you like best?

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